A Community Centred Project run by the

Community for the Benefit of the Community


What we do...

Our activities are grouped into three categories:

Workdays on the first Friday / Saturday each month when we clear litter, strim/prune the edges of the paths, thin out the self set trees and pull out noxious weeds.

Current Tasks we undertake ourselves including signage, bird and bat boxes, species recording and developing Heritage and Wildlife Trails.

Thinking Big Projects we are raising funds and manage, but require external contractors to complete. These have included the new entrance at Woodend, the Coronation Meadow on the lower Woodlands slopes near the canal, the Trim Trail with individual Trim Stations sponsored by Local Businesses and our HCA funded Plan preparation for the Woodlands Country Park Centre and Recreation Facilities.

History & Heritage



Get Active

Children's Play Areas


We want to be able to celebrate our local history and heritage and we have many ideas including the following;


- Visitors Centre with Rotating Display of Heritage Pictures

- Roman Encampment Site

- Shire Oak

- Railway & Canal

- Brickworks & Quarries

- Ironstone mine & Colliery

- St Lukes Church & Village Hall

- Shireoaks Hall & The Mill

- Netherthorpe airfield







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Please send us your photos of what it looked like and we will add them to this page. Thank you.



Ecology and Conservation

20% of England's birdlife disappeared due to habitat changes in last 40 years


Locally seen species at risk - Thrush, Mistle-thrush, Wren, Dunnock, Chiff-chaff, Skylark, House Sparrow, Hedge Sparrow


Other species present Buzzard, Blackbird, Blue-Tit, Coal-Tit, Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Jackdaw, Magpie, Robin, Collared Dove, Heron,  Woodpigeon, Green Woodpecker, spotted Flycatcher, Owls, Yellowhammer


Mammals seen on site

Deer, Fox, Weasel, Rats, Voles, Bats, Rabbits, Fieldmice, Squirrels


Insect Life

Tortoiseshell, Small White, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Green-Dragonfly, Blue Dragonfly



Orchids, Teasels, Wild Primroses


Observe and Record Flora/Fauna

Species recording collaborating with local schools / nature groups

Talks & Tours on wildlife, wildflowers


Create habitat sites to attract desired species

Create hides to Observe Nature

Set up and manage bird box sites



Species Recording

Regular visits to record / photograph observations of birds and plants - with the aim to form a living catalogue to show increase of biodiversity over time.


Partnership with SK 58 birders.


We plan to organise photo competitions for best flora / fauna and build up library of species seen on website.


Educational aspects to provide talks and guided walks looking at different habitats, species and record the way the site is evolving.


Mapping Wildlife Corridors & Increasing Biodiversity

We aim to increase biodiversity and map the wildlife corridors for the following reasons;


- Complement to Species Recording


- Identify areas to develop and enhance the corridors


- Develop habitat to attract the desired species


- Long Term project with Wildlife Partners


Establish aims of the Recreation Facilities which include:

• providing the community with an opportunity to become fitter

• developing better healthy lifestyle outcomes

• engaging socially with other community members

• increasing levels of physical activity / rehabilitation


Active recreation plays a significant role in improving health, wellbeing and quality of life and  encourages  participation in sport


Outdoor facilities, in the fresh air improves mental stimulation and self esteem


Sunlight generates vitamin D & releases endorphins, which can raise your mood and keep it stable.


There are 3 existing play areas in Coachwood Green, a traditional playground with swings roundabouts, climbing and balance frames a kick about area for ball games, and a hard play area ideal for scooters, bikes skateboard but also basketball and model cars. As part of the plan for development of woodlands we are looking at an adventure trail, educational information boards, a children’s play village, wildlife tours. The area caters for all ages.


Opening of Woodlands Viewpoint

16 July 2013. Oak Structure sculpted by Lewis Morgan depicts the growing vegetation overgrowing the old pit chimney. 4 oak seats have plaques depicting local scenery designed with children from St Lukes Primary School.



Natural Viewpoint

20 mile Vista over surrounding area

Jubilee Beacon

Pit Memorial





“A viewpoint giving spectacular views across Bassetlaw has officially been opened in Shireoaks.


The £17,000 project for the pit tip, which was first restored in 1999, has seen a new oak sculpture depicting a chimney from the tip installed as well as a circular wall, oak benches and limestone path.

Among the highlighted views from the summit are Harworth Colliery and Shireoaks village to the north, Steetley Chapel and Worksop Manor to the south, Manton Wood Turbine and Trent Valley power stations to the east and Netherthorpe Aerodrome and Whitwell Wood to the west.

Children from St Luke’s Church of England (Aided) Primary School worked with sculptor Lewis Morgan on designing nature and heritage scenes to be incorporated in the overall design of the benches.

The project was funded by Notts County Council’s Local Improvement Scheme and supported by local councillor Sybil Fielding.

Coun Fielding said: “I’m absolutely delighted with the latest improvements at The Woodlands and they will no doubt encourage more people to use the area.”

“I know that people who work locally walk to the summit and sit and enjoy the views, which are truly breathtaking.”

Coun Fielding was joined at the summit by Notts County Council leader Alan Rhodes, environment and sustainability committee chairman Jim Creamer, representatives from the Shireoaks Local History Group, members of the Friends of The Woodlands and Coach Green and children from St Luke’s.”


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