A Community Centred Project run by the

Community for the Benefit of the Community


Business Plan - Executive Summary

The plan proposes a Woodlands Park centre adjacent to Shireoaks Marina that incorporates a café and visitors centre and environmental study facility. This will provide a training and conference venue surrounded by recreational outdoor facilities, a Trim trail and sports courts. It is envisaged that it will be beneficial for the whole community, encouraging healthy leisure pursuits thus increasing wellbeing, improving habitat for flora and fauna, offering educational opportunities and also boosting the local economy and creating jobs (both long term and short term). Tourist facilities adjacent to the marina are proposed to provide a further sustainable income stream to maintain and further develop the site. Apprentices at local colleges will be used in the planning and building work to increase the local skills base.


Woodlands and Coachwood green comprise 30 hectares of reclaimed land from the former pit site. It is proposed that this be leased as part of the plan and that the income generated by the new facilities will provide for its upkeep relieving Nottinghamshire County Council of this cost burden.


The site is easily accessible via the A57 and sits alongside National Cycle Route 6, Shireoaks train station, the Cuckoo Way and the Chesterfield Canal / marina. Ample car parking is provided.


Partnerships will be formed with local collaborators to ensure complementary facilities are provided to extend existing village facilities. Maintenance of the existing feel of the former pit village is key. The plan caters for many of the requirements of the residents as expressed in the Shireoaks Neighbourhood Plan.


Our Vision is

“Community Centred Facilities run by the Community for the Benefit of the Community”


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