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Community for the Benefit of the Community


All about us...

We're a small band of people living in and around Shireoaks. We get together to preserve and protect the local wildlife sites around our village. We are so lucky to have our woodland walks, canal paths and marina and we want to make sure we keep it that way. In the longer term, we  have bigger plans to improve the area with the creation of a café, visitor centre an environmental study facility.



We were formed in November 2011 in partnership with Notts County Council Green Estates and Notts Wildlife trust to guide and manage the evolution of the site with particular emphasis on:

1. Nature conservancy, protection and increasing biodiversity

2. Recreation exercise and enjoyment of the park

3. Education working closely with schools to develop Heritage and Wildlife Trails

4. Maintenance including shrub clearance, habitat evolution and litter clearance

5. Encouraging wider usage of the sites by local clubs and communities


The group organises talks on topics of common interest and guided tours of the parks emphasising local wildlife and flora.  We are also developing area for recreational purposes, including creation of an outdoor fitness trail, enhancement of wildlife habitat and provision of nesting boxes and viewing points. promotion of site facilities to attract visitors to the area. Come and visit to take advantage of local footpaths, National Cycle Route 6, railway and the Chesterfield canal.


Why not join us? New members are always welcome. Do you fancy helping out with environmental work or would like to learn more about the wildlife? Maybe you'd like to make a difference by sparing just an hour a month? Why not come along to our next scrub clearance?

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